Automatic plate feeder

QUICKER AF Automatic plate feeder for C-Series units

Automatyczny podajnik do płyt

The only patent-pending automatic plate feeder on the market, it is the answer to printers’ demands for automation of production processes. The unit is compatible with any QUICKER C-Series cleaning machine.

A special connector allows the feeder to be connected to the cleaner at any time during use. Easy control by means of a single potentiometer on the feeder, with which the operator adjusts the washing speed depending on how dirty the plates are.

Automatic plate feeder QUICKER AF – manufacturer Print Systems.

Benefits of using a feeder QUICKER AF

The automatic plate feeder allows simultaneous loading of up to 25 plates of the following sizes: 660×600 mm, 960×600 mm and 1400×800 mm, depending on the size of the QUICKER C cleaner.

The QUICKER AF automatic feeder eliminates the time-consuming process of manual loading the plates into the cleaner. Even with the fastest cleaner setting in an average printing house, it can take up to several hours a day. Automation allows for more efficient use of operator’s time — reducing it by up to 90%, and the return on investment is calculated in months, not years.

How it works?

This solution allows for a single loading of up to 25 plates, each in a separate drawer. When the feeder is connected to the QUICKER C cleaner, both machines are automatically synchronised. Once plates are loaded, one START button on the feeder starts the whole process. The feeder automatically detects in which drawer a plate is present. When the plate is located, the drawer stops at the level of the feeding table and the plate is transported into the cleaner. The process is repeated automatically until all drawers with plates in it are empty. The result is a perfectly washed, dry and ready to re-use plate. The operator’s role is limited to loading and starting the process with the START button.

automatyczny podajnik do płyt
automatyczny podajnik do płyt fotopolimerowych
automatyczny podajnik do płyt, plate feeder

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