Chemical liquids

Chemical liquids for cleaning photopolymer plates, anilox rollers and parts.

Our chemical liquids products line QUICKER has a unique cleaning formula that flexographic experts have designed to deliver excellent results after printing. QUICKER chemical agents effectively clean plates, anilox rollers, and press parts.

Detergents can be used in manual washing and fully automated cleaning machines. QUICKER chemical liquids are effective in washing solvent-based, water-based and UV inks. Great care has been taken to minimize the impact of the cleaning detergents on the environment and the cleaning elements.

In our offer:

QUICKER Cleaner UV Qline

Post-print printing plate cleaning liquid. MAY REACT WITH LIGHT METALS.
Manual and machine washing.

Volume: 20L


Post-print printing plates cleaning liquid.
Manual and machine washing.

Volume: 20L

czyszczenie matryc po druku


Post-print plate cleaning liquid. For cleaning of plates and machine parts contaminated with solvent inks. Manual and machine washing.

Volume: 20L

detergenty dla fleksografii

QUICKER Spray-On Cleaner

Agent for rinsing printing plates, anilox rollers and other press parts stained with flexographic inks.

Volume: 20L

QUICKER Spray-On Cleaner

Liquid for rinsing printing plates during printing.

Volume: 1 L container with an atomizer

czyszczenia walców rastrowych


Anilox cleaning liquid, for use in ultrasonic washers. It does not react with light metals.

Volume: 20L


Anilox cleaning liquid, for use in ultrasonic washers.

Volume: 20L

QUICKER chemical liquids specification download.

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