Parts cleaner

QUICKER HP pressure parts cleaner

A pressure chamber press parts cleaner is very effective. A few turns of the conical basket is enough for all press parts to be cleaned and pre-dried without any residues of liquids. Length of ink chambers or other parts adjustable according to customer needs.

Adjustable fixings in the basket to meet the individual needs of any printing house. Cleans several parts at a time. As a result of a fully automated process, you can reduce downtime, improve printing quality and make your work environment healthier and safer. QUICKER HP is a smart, cost-effective and powerful cleaning device.

Manufactured by Print Systems.

Users appreciate:

so the machine requires little space and can be placed in the corner of the hall.

The chemicals tank and the separate water tank can be heated so that the water evaporates quickly after washing.

Parts cleaner QUICKER – operating costs are limited to chemical liquids and cheap felt filters.

most of the parts are made of stainless steel.

Safe and healthy cleaning and working environment. Fume extraction.

Example of machine configuration:

Maximum part length
Machine dimensions
Power supply
Additional connections required
Liquid tank capacity
Water tank capacity

700mm x 280mm x 140mm
W. 1400mm H. 1850mm L. 1200mm
3×400[V] 50[Hz]
Air connection 6 bars

Quicker HP
Quicker HP
Quicker HP

How it works?

Recommended cleaning liquids for parts

QUICKER Parts Cleaner

QUICKER HP Protector

Quicker Spray-On Cleaner


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