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Press parts cleaning machine QUICKER HP

A pressure chamber press parts cleaner is very effective. A few turns of the conical basket are enough to clean and pre-dry all press parts without any liquid residue. The length of ink chambers or other parts is adjustable according to customer needs.

Adjustable fixings in the basket to meet the individual needs of any printing house. Cleans several parts at a time. As a result of a fully automated process, you can reduce downtime, improve printing quality and make your work environment healthier and safer. QUICKER HP press parts washing system is a smart, cost-effective and powerful cleaning device.

Manufactured by Print Systems.

Users appreciate:

Cone basket — basket design allows for mounting up to 6 large items or more smaller items. Their arrangement on the basket ensures thorough washing and no ink residue. A set of specialized clamping rubbers is used to attach and stabilize irregularly shaped parts. The basket can be customized to the customer’s individual needs.

The water is preheated to increase rinsing efficiency. After the process, the heated water evaporates faster and the washed parts are pre-dried.

Pressing the pedal allows to control the rotation of the basket. This makes it easier for the operator, who can focus solely on attaching or removing parts from the cleaner.

Easy operation, electronic panel provide exceptional user comfort.

ALL IN FRONT — compact and practical operation. All activities related to the control and operation of the cleaning process, fluid change, maintenance are carried out at the front of the machine. The machine does not take up much space and can be placed, for example, in the corner of the hall.

Inspection window — the cleaner door is equipped with an inspection window allowing to observe the parts washing process.

Ergonomic drawer — a pull-out drawer for re-filling liquids. Thanks to this solution, filling the tanks is extremely convenient and safe. The filler inlets are secured to prevent spills when pouring. The drawer is equipped with liquid level indicators that allow to easily check the amount of liquid.

The filtration system consists of two interlining filters placed in the drawer. One for detergent and one for water. A simple, inexpensive, yet reliable solution.

Washing is done with specialized chemicals without the need to heat them. The result is a fume-free operation which significantly reduces power and detergent consumption and provides a safe working environment.

The machine operates in a closed circuit, which minimizes the use of fluids and reduces the usage of necessary utilities, lowering operating costs.

Rotary drain valves — allow for easy draining of water and detergent containers. Their height perfectly matches the height of off-the-shelf detergent containers. Attached drip tray ensures cleanliness and protects against spills.

Lighting inside the wash chamber is extremely convenient. This is especially useful when inserting and removing parts.

LIGHT ON FLOOR — a system signaling the stages of the machine’s operation with a multicolored beam of light visible on the floor.

QUICKER HP is built with widely available components from global brands. In case of failure, all automation and electrical components of the machine can be easily purchased and replaced.

All you need is a power and compressed air connection to enjoy reliable operation

The machine is equipped with a safety relay from the renowned Schneider company. The unit is equipped with a phase relay as standard which ensures that all drives move in the programmed manner. Before being delivered to the customer, the unit undergoes series of diagnostic tests including insulation resistance and wire continuity testing.

The virtual user manual can be accessed via a QR code located on the front of the machine housing. When scanned with a phone, it takes the operator to a list of operation and maintenance instructional videos.

You don’t have to worry about anything! The machine’s manufacturer is a company with extensive experience in the industry. Our goal is to ensure maximum safety, continuity of production and high satisfaction of users of our equipment.

Example of machine configuration:

Maximum part length
Machine dimensions
Power supply
Additional connections required
Liquid tank capacity
Water tank capacity

700mm x 280mm x 140mm
W. 1400mm H. 1850mm L. 1200mm
3×400[V] 50[Hz]
Air connection 6 bars

How it works?

Quicker HP
Quicker HP
Quicker HP

Recommended cleaning liquids for parts

QUICKER Parts Cleaner

QUICKER HP Protector

Quicker Spray-On Cleaner


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