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Post-print plate cleaning machine QUICKER C

The QUICKER C post-printing plate cleaning machine washes, rinses, and dries flexographic plates. It effectively cleans off all types of ink. The construction of the cleaner allows the safe handling of any flexographic plate. It is adapted for connecting the QUICKER AF automatic plate feeder or a conveyor belt. Simplicity, ease of use, low operating costs and robustness are the features that customers appreciate the most in QUICKER C Series.

The plate cleaning machine automates the after-printing cleaning process and increases the productivity and efficiency of cleaning printing plates.

In just a few minutes, we get a spotless dry plate ready for immediate use.

We recommend QUICKER chemical agents.

Users appreciate:

Bezpieczny proces myciaThe machine’s plate guiding system operates on the basis of a number of safety features. This ensures that all curved plates pass safely through the cleaner and are thoroughly washed and dried.


The feeding table placed at the front side of the machine is made of corrugated sheet metal, and features laser-cut indications of plate minimum and maximum dimensions.

After being turned on, the plate cleaning machine goes into standby mode and remains in it until a plate is placed at the sensor, which is when the washing process begins. The pre-wash/ main wash/ rinse/ dry stages are automatically switched on/off.

The QUICKER C plate cleaner comes standard with connectors allowing you to combine it with the QUICKER AF automatic plate feeder and plate receiver QUICKER AR.

QUICKER Inline saves up to 90% of the operator’s time.

The operator only needs to control the speed of the plate feed depending on how dirty the plate is.

A power and compressed air supply is required to install and use the plate cleaning machine.

The plate cleaning machine is equipped with the pull-out side drawer with space for off-the-shelf chemical containers that connects directly to the machine. Thanks to this solution there is no need to pour detergents into the machine or to drain dirty fluids. The supply hoses are color-coded: black hose for detergent and blue for water. This prevents confusion when connecting containers.

Washing is done with specialized chemicals without the need to heat them. The result is a fume-free operation, low evaporation rate that significantly reduces power and detergent consumption and provides a safer working environment.

A dosing system equipped with level sensors is used to supply the machine with fluids. This solution protects the unit from being operated without adequate fluid levels.

FiltracjaThe detergent and water filtration system is based on industrial filters. A simple, inexpensive, yet reliable solution. Filters extend the service life of the detergent while protecting pumps and sprinklers from damage.

The machine operates in a closed circuit, which minimizes the use of fluids and reduces the usage of necessary utilities, lowering operating costs. All you need is a power and compressed air connection to enjoy reliable operation

The machine is equipped with a top-bottom plate drying system.

The unit is made of widely available professional, quality brand components. In case of failure, all automation and electrical components can be easily purchased and replaced.

Built-in pneumatic detergent and water pumps ensure trouble-free operation of the cleaner with specialized chemicals.

The machine is equipped with a safety relay from the renowned Schneider company. Equipping the unit with a phase relay ensures that all drives move in the programmed manner. Before being delivered to the customer, the unit undergoes series of diagnostic tests including insulation resistance and wire continuity testing.

The virtual user manual can be accessed via a QR code located on the front of the machine housing. When scanned with a phone, it takes the operator to a list of operation and maintenance instructional videos.

You don’t have to worry about anything! The machine’s manufacturer is a company with extensive experience in the industry. Our goal is to ensure maximum safety, continuity of production and high satisfaction of users of our equipment.

The plate cleaning machine QUICKER C is designed to automate and improve the productivity and performance of cleaning photopolymer plates. QUICKER plate cleaner guarantees the high, repeatable printing quality and shortened lead times.

In the offer there are devices of the following specification:




Working width
Minimum plate length
Machine dimensions
Power supply
Additional connections required
Liquid tank capacity
Water tank capacity

660 [mm]
200 [mm]*
W. 1200 H. 1100 L. 2100 [mm]
230 [V] 50 [Hz]
Air connection 6 [bars]
20 [L] original QUICKER tank
20 [L] original QUICKER tank

960 [mm]
200 [mm]*
W. 1500 H. 1100 L. 2550 [mm]
230 [V] 50 [Hz]
Air connection 6 [bars]
35 [L]
15 [L]

200 [mm]*
W. 1900 H. 1100 L. 4100 [mm]
400 [V] 50 [Hz]
Air connection 6 [bars]
60 [L]
30 [L]

How it works? QUICKER C66 and C140

Recommended cleaning liquids for photopolymer plates

czyszczenie matryc po druku




detergenty dla fleksografii

QUICKER Spray-On Cleaner

QUICKER Spray-On Cleaner

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