Flexo plate cleaner

QUICKER C post-print plate cleaner

The QUICKER C post-print flexo plate cleaner is a very effective device for cleaning flexographic plates from any kind of water-based, solvent-based and UV ink. The machine automates the after printing cleaning process, increases productivity and efficiency of cleaning of printing plates. In a short time of just a few minutes, we get a perfectly clean plate that is dry and ready for immediate use. Flexo plates cleaner QUICKER C performs an intensive and smart post-production cleaning process steps – cleaning, rinse and dry.

Users appreciate:

Washing of flexo plates after printing takes place in a closed chamber and thanks to the smart solutions is very quiet.

Sterowanie odbywa się jednym pokrętłem, a wymiana chemii i wody odbywa się w tych samych baniakach transportowych, w których były dostarczone. Nie trzeba nic przelewać.

Matryce są transportowane na specjalnym pasie, który zapobiega przemieszczaniu się płyty pod siatkę.

Automatyczny system mycia płyty fleksograficznych po druku realizuje ten proces w bardzo delikatny sposób. W wyniku mycia uzyskuje się w 100% czyste, suche i gotowe do ponownego użycia płyty.

Flexo plate cleaner is environmental & operator friendly.

Maszyna do płyt fleksograficznych jest wyposażona w czujniki i komunikuje się z naszym działem serwisu.

The machine is designed to automate and improve the productivity and performance of cleaning photopolymer plates. This guarantees high, repeatable quality of printing and shortened lead times.

In the offer there are devices of the following specification:




Working width
Minimum plate length
Machine dimensions
Power supply
Additional connections required
Liquid tank capacity
Water tank capacity

660 [mm]
200 [mm]*
W. 1200 H. 1100 L. 2100 [mm]
230 [V] 50 [Hz]
Air connection 6 [bars]
20 [L] + original QUICKER tank
20 [L] + original QUICKER tank

960 [mm]
200 [mm]*
w. 1500 H. 1100 L. 2100 [mm]
230 [V] 50 [Hz]
Air connection 6 [bars]
20 [L] + original QUICKER tank
20 [L] + original QUICKER tank

200 [mm]*
W. 1900 H. 1100 L. 2100 [mm]
400 [V] 50 [Hz]
Air connection 6 [bars]
60 [L]
30 [L]

How it works?

Recommended cleaning liquids for flexo plates

Quicker Cleaner SOLVENT

Quicker Cleaner UV

Quicker Cleaner UV

Quicker Spray-On Cleaner

Quicker Spray-On Cleaner


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